Hand Sewn Cushion Cover Tutorial

Many of us are always on the lookout for creative projects for the home or garden and with our Interior Design Shop currently having a fabric sale, we thought a creative tutorial would inspire you.

We understand that not everyone has a sewing machine, so hope this blog will help you see an alternative. This tutorial is for a zip-free cushion cover which can be removed and washed as normal.

First of all, you need to measure the fabric, ensuring it covers the cushion pad fully, allowing a little extra for seams and envelope effect at the back of the cushion cover.

Once you have made sure you have enough fabric, overlap the seam at the back of the cushion cover, envelope style. Remove the cushion and turn the fabric inside out.

Hem all the edges of the fabric to give a neat finish.

With the wrong side of the fabric turned to face you, overlap the fabric as before then pin both edges of the cushion cover. See photos below.

Once you have stitched both edges, leave the overlapped part of the cover cover unstitched and turn the fabric the right way

Once you have done this, you can re-insert the cushion pad.

Voila!! One hand sewn, removable cushion cover in the fabric of your choice.

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