Luxury Designer Paints For The Home

There are many brands of paints for the home, at various costs and with different colour palettes. However, what makes luxury designer paints stand out from the rest? This blog might help you decide.

No two paint companies are the same and many painters and decorators prefer to use a certain brand. However, if customers are willing to pay a little bit more, the benefits of designer luxury paints are definitely a bonus. They are also popular with architects and interior designers because of their quality.

Designer luxury paints have a better quality finish, whether it is used for walls, paintwork or furniture. There is a wider range of colour palettes to suit both modern and traditional homes and they usually have an eco-friendly element to them.

At Glenwood Interiors, we have several luxury designer paint companies. They are Sanderson, Zoffany, Paint and Paper Library and Little Greene. Each one has their own unique colour cards that enhance a room, allowing flow and warmth in their setting.

Sanderson paints have delicate undertones compared to Zoffany, which have a classic and traditional palette. Luxury designer paints have a rich pigmentation of colour which creates a better impact in a room. This depth of colour allows more light to be absorbed, which in turn gives the ultimate Wow Factor to any room or piece of furniture.

Also as a rule, luxury designer paints also have lower VOC solvents and tend to be kinder to the environment with a low odour, which is better for homes with pets and children. So despite the increased price, luxury designer paints are definitely worth the money.

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