Mood Boards and Colour Schemes

Most people have their own favourite colours. Whether it stems from the clothes you wear or designers who use certain shades, interior design follows similar lines.

Colour schemes may be on-trend for a certain season, , however most people who are planning new room designs, like to chose colours that have longevity for at least a few years.

Some designers like to focus on botanical, floral or bold designs, although current trends tend to change year in, year out. It also fits with tv programmes that interior designers are featured, depicting certain brands, designs and colours.

Designers Guild Mood Board

Mood Boards and colour palettes have an element of emotions linked to them, hence the name. A mood board is usually designed for a room and the feeling you want from it once the wallpaper/paint or fabrics are added. For example, the yellow themed mood board above shows the vibrant feeling that you might want to see, if you do not have a great deal of natural light in a room.

Choosing the right colours for a room are really important. If you are doing a whole-room project, then a mood board will help you see the bigger picture of the finished room. From paint colours to fabric samples and wallpaper designs, complete with a room design layout , it all will help you choose the right colour shades.


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